When you make the decision to buy a saddle, we realize there are many options to take into consideration. As you browse through the web site, please remember that we have attempted to show a sampling of the merchandise we carry. Our silversmiths are constantly creating new designs that are not pictured herein, so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, we may be able to custom design something for you. Your options are unlimited and we will build it however you want. We would be happy to discuss your needs and make recommendations to ensure you get exactly what you want.

We use Hermann Oak Grade A Leather, however, there is no such thing as a perfect hide. Each hide has it’s own natural markings that include color variations, wrinkles, scars, brands and stretch marks. We select the best hides for our products, however, some of these characteristics are inevitable and may be seen in the finished product.

Our trees are custom designed to allow you to achieve the most correct position in the finished saddle for your specific events. However, many times our trees work well in events they were not specifically designed for, depending on the rider’s abilities. Below are descriptions of the different tree options you have when selecting your saddle.

Blue Ribbon All-Around Saddles

We build more saddles on the Blue Ribbon tree than any other trees combined. Also called the “Equitation” or “All-Around” seat, this tree is narrow through your thighs and specifically designed to put your upper and lower body in the most correct horsemanship position, however, many people ride pleasure in this seat as well. We generally use an hour-glass shaped skirt with this seat because it is cut high under the fender to allow for “close contact” or “more feel” with your horse.
Silver Horn Models • Leather Horn Models • Basket/Leaf and Youth Models

Dowdy Saddles

The Dowdy is our most recent and very popular Pleasure and All-Around seat. It is a flatter, wider seat with a deeper pocket, designed to sit you deep in the saddle and closest to the horse.

JH & Reining Saddles

Also called the “Pleasure” or “Futurity” seat, this is slightly wider and flatter than the Blue Ribbon tree. It has a lower cantle and is built on our Classic skirt, which is much smaller than the hour glass skirt and allows more movement with the fenders. This seat was designed to rock you back on your pockets. It allows your legs the freedom to go forward or backward and is great for riding futurity horses and colts.
The Reining tree is similar to the Classic with less padding, so the seat feels even deeper. The skirt is your choice of Small Classic, Hour Glass or Straight and the rigging is available in the tree or in the skirt.

Imperial VC Saddles

The Imperial seat is wider than the Blue Ribbon seat. It is more massive in the front near the horn and has a higher rise in front. The seat jockey is also cut higher. Some trainers prefer this tree for a deeper sitting pleasure seat.

Classic Saddles

The Classic tree is preferred by some trainers for pleasure and reining. The seat is wide and flat like the JH, but it has a higher cantle, which makes the seat slightly deeper. The Classic is generally built on the hour glass skirt.

Work Saddles

Available with any of the above trees and with or without dees on the housings and swells.

Measuring a Fender

Measuring Fenders